Sink your teeth in…Holiday Deliciousness that you MAY NEED (just sayin’)


Second thought of the day while the kids are destroying the house. (That’s what right after bed time is for, right? Quick clean up! 😉 )

This is what I am working on right now. Personalized Christmas stockings!

They are made from burlap material which we ordered through etsy. Then, we get an idea from a lovely client and turn it into a personalized stocking. These are unique. Hand painted with a paint brush (FREE HAND). No stencils, no lay out, no draftings… that is how we KNOW they will be unique. Yup, that’s right… you can’t have one EXACTLY like these and you no one will have one EXACTLY like the one you order! Pretty cool, huh?

What we love about the burlap: The stockings we ordered come in two colors, natural and red. Red is a fun POP! The natural have that amazing down home country feel. My designs are a little on the whimsical side which make them funky country! Hehe! Do you agree?

What is crazy about these? I couldn’t find a PLAIN burlap stocking on any “big store” sites (amazon, Walmart, Michaels, etc.) that sold for less than $10! NO customization possible. Hey, guess what?! You get the stocking and one-of-a-kind amazingness for $30! How ya like them apples?!

Alright, now really. I may have to come back and write about these some more but I may have to clean up a small destruction path due to Torn-Ella and Ev-phoon!!

Here we Go… Tiny fish, big ol’ ocean!

There are always some great outlets for creatives small businesses to get there go online. However, I feel like a tiny fish in a giant ocean. It seems to be full of sharks occasionally, as well. Have you ever felt this way?

We are starting a blog which may or may not last (hehe… ADHD may kick in here), and hopefully, this will help us get out into this big ol’ ocean! Not only do we want to share what we do with you all… we want to HELP you with your creative process or thoughts.

I love seeing all the Pinterest DIY’s. First off, how much money do you have to spend on some of that “found around your house” crap? And then, how much time do you have to spend putting it together? Not only that, I LOVE the ones with children involved. Have you met my kids?? They won’t hold still for 5 minutes, let alone an HOUR!

Perhaps, you would all be interested in the real around the house DIY’s?! Or better yet, the DIY with your KIDS that doesn’t take but 5-10 minutes…?


So what qualifies me to even think I could help with your creative process? Hm… GREAT question! We walk with our dearly loved clients step-by-step to create a unique hand painted treasure just for them. We may be able to walk with you as well… Here are a few examples of what we have done.

Well, with that, Ella is home from Preschool now and Evie is crawling around creating chaos! Chat ya up later!